What’s your major?

Answering this question can get a little long-winded when you go to Quest. Like many things at Quest, majors are a little bit different. Instead of majors we have “Questions”. Questions are basically self-designed majors. Sometime in second year you spend a whole block (3.5 weeks!) coming up with a Question, finding a faculty mentor, planning out what […]

Being Honest as an Ambassador

Over winter break, I went home to San Francisco exhausted, happy, and full of stories. One day, I joined a few friends to watch the sunset over the ocean on Mt Tamalpais. We used to do this almost every weekend in high school, so it has become a tradition when we all come home from […]

Summer Keystone Research at the BC Children’s Hospital

When Quest students take Question block in their second year, they are required to brainstorm ideas for their Keystone – the culminating project of our undergraduate education. Most students take one year or more to work this project, which can be anything from a literature review, original research article, documentary, stage play, … the list goes […]

Quest Student Profiles: An Interview with Meghan

Meghan is a second year student from Vancouver. She is also a competitive big mountain free skier and a part of the Leaders in Elite Athletics and Performance (LEAP) Program at Quest. Why did you pick Quest? One of the main reasons I picked Quest was that it allowed me to continue my skiing career as I got […]

Our_Futures: A New Academic Conference at Quest

Last year, two other Quest students and I started talking about technology, and Quest’s relationship with it. We noticed that, although many students at Quest are interested in technology in various forms, we didn’t have any kind of major gathering or event that allowed Quest students to explore this interest. We decided to do something […]

Sheep Brains and Hands-On Science

I love science. Specifically, I love the science of the human body and brain. In my second year at Quest, when I was picking my question and committing to studying physiology, I was nervous that Quest–being such a small school–would not be able to offer all the scientific opportunities I wanted and needed to pursue […]

Snowy Days at Whistler

When I give tours, people often ask me whether or not I ski, and the question makes a lot of sense considering how close Squamish is to Whistler. Funnily enough, though, I always say no. While I did learn to ski when I was growing up, I stopped skiing almost 10 years ago. And even […]

Field Trips: Low-key block plan benefits

There are many benefits to a block plan, including compartmentalized focus, comradery, and an instructor’s full attention to name a few. One often overlooked benefit is the freedom your class has every single day. Without the constraints imposed by having a schedule that requires many classes on a single day, a course is able to […]

Juxtapoz X Superflat at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Here at Quest, we are lucky enough to be granted a five day break every month. During those four days, everyone packs up to head home, camp, ski, hike – you name it! But why don’t more people stay on campus? I believe that sticking around the Sea to Sky area over block break has been terribly […]

Mafia Night: A Foray Into Uncertainty and Unsavoury Decisions

Candlelight spills forth from the table, illuminating the otherwise dark space of the room. A spread of hors d’oeuvres add a splash of colour to the room, but are not enough to defeat the darkness of the scene. Thirteen people sit around a long table in their best finery, and contemplate whom to kill. Nine […]

Solomonoff Induction: Keystone

After finishing Latin, I now find myself contemplating my next month. I will not be taking a class in December; instead, I will be working on my keystone. Keystone is a project that every Quest student completes in order to graduate. The keystone topic and format has to be approved by the student’s mentor, and […]

Sapere Aude! – LINGVA LATINA

Any of my faithful readers will know that I end most of my posts with the line Sapere aude! I have known the meaning of this quote only second hand (that is, I was told what it meant, but I did not understand the actual Latin), having it translated as dare to be wise or dare to Know. For […]

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