NOTABLE COURSES: Experiments in the Physical Sciences

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes to see what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Court Ashbaugh about his Experiments in the Physical Sciences […]


Notable Courses: Sculptural Footwear

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes and gathered some pictures to illustrate what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Amara Hark-Weber about her Sculptural Footwear class. […]

Olive Oil Blog

The Olive Oil Girl

My name is Francesca van Soest (or Checka for sort), and my Question is all about Olive Oil. I came to Quest because I couldn’t choose a faculty at any other school. The thought of going into one branch of education right off the bat scared me and I didn’t want to limit myself to […]


What is a Question?

Hi all! Here at Quest, all students have to go through 3 “rights of passage” of 3 core blocks. The first is Cornerstone (your map to learning at Quest), the 2nd is Question (what I just completed and will be elaborating on in this post) and the last is Keystone (a final project that encompasses what […]


Kate Luebkeman – Student Profile

Name: Kate Luebkeman Year at Quest: Second Hometown: Mill Valley, CA (right outside of San Francisco, CA) Favourite Moment at Quest: A surprise birthday bonfire that my friends threw for me out in the woods. I have never felt so loved! Academic Interests: Sexual health, education, mental health, cultural anthropology, psychology, sociology, women’s studies, and the […]


3 Entrepreneurial Skills You Learn At Quest

Welcome to Awake Labs! This summer I did an experiential learning block, which is one of Quest’s many opportunities to get out of the classroom and still get class credit. It’s a great way to learn beyond the walls of Quest and test the skills you’ve developed in the classroom. For my experiential learning block […]


A new year, with new people, making a new Quest

Summer in Squamish is beautiful. The mountains are beckoning for you to climb them, the sun is forcing you to leave the house and dirt is perfect for those hefty bike tires to ride on. One first-year student told me she spent the summer hanging and working in Squamish before starting her career at Quest and loved it. […]


Quest Student Profiles: An Interview with Sophia

Sophia is a 3rd year student from Vancouver. Sophia is a student tutor in the Learning Commons ( and is currently serving as the Foundation Representative on Quest’s Students’ Representative Council (SRC; What are you studying? Political science, Middle Eastern studies, and European history. My question is “How can we resolve violent conflict?” and my mentors […]


Matilda Taylor-Mentor Profile

Name: Matilda Taylor Year at Quest: Second year. Hometown: Gold River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Favorite Moment at Quest: At the end of a block on Symphonies, our tutor took us all out for lunch. I am always amazed at the connections you make with people during a block. Academic Interests/ Question: My academic interests are […]


The Stages of Coming to Quest

This September, we welcomed almost two hundred incoming students from around the world. Their excitement and nervousness was palpable at Convocation and it reminded me of my first year at Quest. Before arriving at school I remember hearing about the “ups and downs” of the first semester – people drew a graph with a line […]


Teaching a Computer How to Read: A Summer of Experiential Learning

This past summer I interned at BenchSci, a Toronto-based tech startup, for four months. My job was to teach a computer how to recognize letters in an image. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot about machine learning, computer vision, and what it is like to be a part of a startup. […]

Marijn Kuizenga – Mentor Profile

Year: 2nd year Hometown: Eexterveen (which is a tiny town located 2.5 hours north-east of Amsterdam), The Netherlands Interest: Im interested in climbing, skiing, highlining and basically any activity in the great outdoors. Academically speaking I have become interested in neuroscience and the way in which people interact with risk. Favorite moment at Quest: Road trip to […]

Emily Bison

Emily Bison – Mentor Profile

Name: Emily Bison Year at Quest: 2nd year Hometown: Kamloops, British Columbia Question/ Interests: I love making soap, scrubs and anything else that makes the skin healthier and happier. I don’t know what my question will be yet, but I think it will delve into these interests. Favourite Moment at Quest: one of my Quest […]


Katie Verigin – Mentor Profile

Name: Katie Verigin Year at Quest: Second year Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia Favourite Moment at Quest: Potlucks and big communal dinners that always turn into music, singing and hanging out. Academic Interests: Social Business, Psychology, Systemic Change, Design, Sociology and way too many others. Future Life Aspirations: Making something interesting and impactful happen, travel, spend some […]

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