NOTABLE COURSES: Experiments in the Physical Sciences

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes to see what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Court Ashbaugh about his Experiments in the Physical Sciences […]


Notable Courses: Sculptural Footwear

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes and gathered some pictures to illustrate what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Amara Hark-Weber about her Sculptural Footwear class. […]

Olive Oil Blog

The Olive Oil Girl

My name is Francesca van Soest (or Checka for sort), and my Question is all about Olive Oil. I came to Quest because I couldn’t choose a faculty at any other school. The thought of going into one branch of education right off the bat scared me and I didn’t want to limit myself to […]


What is a Question?

Hi all! Here at Quest, all students have to go through 3 “rights of passage” of 3 core blocks. The first is Cornerstone (your map to learning at Quest), the 2nd is Question (what I just completed and will be elaborating on in this post) and the last is Keystone (a final project that encompasses what […]


Quest in the News: The World Comes to Squamish

A few months ago, the Squamish Chief reporter – Mike Chouinard, inspired by the ever increasing number of international students in Squamish, decided to write an encompassing article about these students perspectives, opinions, and experiences of life in Canada. Mr. Chouinard interviewed several students at Quest, including Herieth Ringo (Tanzania), Barbara Fernandes (Brazil), and myself (Kosovo). […]

rainy squamish day

Keeping Your Head Above the Clouds

It’s another dull, gray day. The mountains have all but vanished behind thick clouds, the rain tipper-tappers endlessly on, as it has for two weeks, and the sun is already setting at 6pm. What I am describing is thankfully not what Quest looks like right now (quite the opposite), but it’s a place we’ve all known […]


The Trials and Tribulations of Move-out.

Now, we all know that Quest is gorgeous inside and out all year round- especially when the beautiful souls of one’s peers and friends walk these halls and rooms. Yet despite the undeniable physical and social beauty of Quest, there are times when things can be less than idealistic. These times include the dreaded third […]


Renew Your Quest: An Intellectual Summer Retreat for Adults

During each summer, our faculty and staff work hard to organize several programs and speaker series, such as Quest Summer Scholars Program, Summer Speaker Series, and finally, Renew Your Quest. According to its website, “Renew Your Quest” is a summer program for adults who have been out of school for at least five years. This […]

album 1

The Fable of the Quest Tune Squad

The arts community at Quest likes to project itself as being very aware of all the on-goings around campus. Perhaps that’s why over the past two years, the ‘Quest Tune Squad Album Project’ has titled its final product, a student produced music album, after major on-going events on campus, albeit doing so comically. Last years’ […]


White Water Rafting for the First Time

Since coming to study at Quest, I have written several blog posts about my adventures in Squamish and the surrounding areas. Such adventures have varied from mountain biking to Alice Lake Provincial Park and camping in the Canadian outback to hiking for hospice and skiing in the famous Whistler Blackcomb ski centre. It is through Quest’s […]


Quest in the News: Squamish student optimizes local café

Recently, one of our summer fellows, Aaron Slobodin, created and implemented an optimal scheduling system for the popular downtown café, known as Zephyr Café. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Quest Summer Fellows program, is a 12-week summer fellowship that gives several Quest students the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a Quest […]


Liquid Identity: My Keystone Project

My question reads; “What is the function of narrative on the formation of Identity?” Anyone familiar with South Asia might recall that identity there is inextricably linked with religion. Religion is turn is tied to narrative stories. South Asia today is divided up largely between two nations, India and Pakistan. India, whilst officially a secular […]


Working with Random Acts of Sketchiness

In a place like Squamish, one has an infinite and three ways to spend their time, after all this is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada and as such it attracts a myriad of enthusiasts of all kinds. As for myself personally, I’m not too good at adventure sports (back home it’s too hot for […]


Swimming and Tanning at Alice Lake

After what seemed like a long and cold fall, it finally feels like summer has arrived in Squamish. Coming from Kosovo, a country in South-Eastern Europe, it means that I am used to hot and sunny summers. My most cherished summer memories while growing up consist of eating popsicles with my friends, spending hot summer days […]

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