NOTABLE COURSES: Experiments in the Physical Sciences

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes to see what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Court Ashbaugh about his Experiments in the Physical Sciences […]


Notable Courses: Sculptural Footwear

“Notable courses” is a blog series in which we will highlight some of the amazing courses offered at Quest University Canada. We talked to the tutors and students about their classes and gathered some pictures to illustrate what the students were up to during the block. This time we talked to Amara Hark-Weber about her Sculptural Footwear class. […]

Olive Oil Blog

The Olive Oil Girl

My name is Francesca van Soest (or Checka for sort), and my Question is all about Olive Oil. I came to Quest because I couldn’t choose a faculty at any other school. The thought of going into one branch of education right off the bat scared me and I didn’t want to limit myself to […]


What is a Question?

Hi all! Here at Quest, all students have to go through 3 “rights of passage” of 3 core blocks. The first is Cornerstone (your map to learning at Quest), the 2nd is Question (what I just completed and will be elaborating on in this post) and the last is Keystone (a final project that encompasses what […]

Ethics: A class designed by itself

“What should we do?”  That was one of the central questions of the Ethics course I took this block. In order to give a general idea about the evolution of ideas in the discipline and how they conflicted one another, we analyzed works of several key thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Nietzsche, Levinas etc. From […]

20 Ways to Defeat the Fall Time Blues

It comes when you don’t expect it. Slowly taking over the faces of Quest students, from the start of the first rain, until the beginning of the first snowfall. Symptoms include “resting sad face”; bursts of frustrated energy built up from being inside for extended periods of time; walking as if your backpack and chest are filled with […]


Summer in Squamish

This summer, I spent three of the four months we have off at Quest living in Squamish—actually, I was still living on campus. I was lucky enough to receive a spot in the Quest Summer Fellowship Program—sponsored opportunities for students to complete their own research at Quest.  Each year, the Summer Fellowship committee selects five […]


Modern Philosophy or Why There Are No Hats

It will come as no surprise to any of my faithful readers that in September (last block) I took the Modern Philosophy course. A high-paced high-powered analysis of Peter van Inwagen’s book Material Beings, this class combined the best of metaphysics and logic to give me a solid view of how modern philosophers tackle questions and provide […]

Cozy reading chairs in the Library with east view.
Photo credit: Gary Sabourin

What the Independent Study Tells You about Academics at Quest.

The heat from the fireplace cracks up to the comfortable sofa chairs. Stacks of books, pots of coffee and a little pouch of tobacco for the occasional study break are scattered across the table. With a few trusted study partners, an expert tutor, and a reading list the size of a short novel, the independent study […]


Summer Nostalgia

This summer I went home for the first time in two years. As a fourth year at Quest, it is amazing to be back on campus and to be done by first block of this academic year. However, often times I find myself dreaming of sunny beaches and home cooked meals I had the opportunity […]


Women in STEM (Energy &) Matter!

I dreaded my last block before it began. As a hard and fast claimer of, “not being a science person,” I struggled to sleep through my nerves the night before my first day of “Energy & Matter: Solar Power.” I did not know what to expect, and was terrified of hearing the words, “chemicals,” and […]

Mentor Profile- Colin Wilt

Name: Colin Wilt Year at Quest: Fourth year. Hometown: La Crescenta, California Favorite Moment at Quest: Completing a Tim Hortons run at 2 in the morning while taking “Who is the African.” Academic Interests/ Question: My focus is on security studies, conflict resolution, psychology, and history. My question is “How can we predict and prevent conflict in the 21st century?” […]


Garibaldi Lake Block Break Trip

As block break approaches, many students start to make plans for the four days of freedom that we have to make sure that we fit the most in as possible. This block break, I really wanted to go hiking. As soon as the suggestion was put out, all of a sudden there were 10 people […]


Jazz & Wine, Cheese & Goodtimes

It was told to us by the generations of Questies that came before, that the pristine tradition of wine and cheese was a sacred institution, bred by the curious, intellectual, and cultured minds of the first Questies. And so it was seen in the event itself; smooth jazz would waft into dimly lit rooms as […]

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